Supply Chain Services

Implementation and Integration

New Course’s main focus for systems implementation is Supply Chain Execution applications such as WMS, LMS, TMS, WCS, Slotting, and Yard Management from vendors such SAP, Manhattan Associates, JDA, Infor, HighJump and others. Successful project implementations are the result of solid preparation, painstaking attention to detail and the use of seasoned resources. New Course’s integration and deployment tools, methodology and experience enable us to support our clients by implementing the right solutions quickly and effectively.

At New Course, we work with you to develop a comprehensive, integrated Project RoadMap, not just a technical project plan. The RoadMap documents those activities that need to be executed by the software vendor, third parties and your IT and Operations organization. It defines a project organizational structure, resource requirements, responsibilities and lines of authority and communication. It sets realistic expectations, articulates individual accountability and facilitates solid budgeting. The Project RoadMap provides the blueprint for managing a successful implementation. The time spent building a Project RoadMap and then executing against it saves time and money, reduces risk and eliminates frustration. No supply chain execution systems project should move forward without one.

New Course implementation teams are experts at providing direct, hands-on project management, technical design, system configuration, development, integration to other applications and material handling subsystems, testing, training, installation and start-up support services.

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Project Roadmap Planning

New Course’s Project RoadMap Planning engagement is designed to define all implementation requirements associated with the deployment of a supply chain project including client side resource requirements for operations, IT and executive management, as well as all other project related resources.

The deliverables from the Project RoadMap include:

  • An integrated Microsoft project plan that contains the tasks and co-dependencies associated with the project.
  • A resource plan that outlines internal, external and solution provider resource requirements by project role and time commitments.
  • A risk assessment report listing the project’s risk areas and suggestions for risk mitigation; and
  • A Project Organization and Role Definition Report that details the project organization and provides a job description of each project resource.
  • The final deliverable is a document that details the project management guidelines for managing change requests, issues, communications, project status meetings, steering committee meetings and status reporting.

New Course’s proven industry track record and ability to execute on supply chain execution project implementations is due in large part to the foundation established by the Project RoadMap Planning phase. The Project RoadMap is an essential part of every successful project. Call us to learn how New Course’s Project RoadMap process can help ensure your project’s success.

Program Management

Successful implementations require the leadership of someone who is able to plan, assess, communicate and manage, effectively. From development of the project and resource plans, to budget management, risk assessments and mitigation strategies, go-live planning and hands-on assistance and leadership, New Course’s Program manager experience combined with our methodology and resources, is the right combination for success. Call us to learn how we can help.

Implementation Services

New Course resources have been involved in over 250 implementations of WM and TM projects across a wide variety of vendors. Our resources have the know-how and can do attitude to make your implementation a success. Some of the systems implementation services we provide are as follows:

  • Program Management
  • Functional Requirements Definition
  • Future State Process Flows
  • Integration Design
  • Interface / Integration Development
  • Training Program Development
  • User Training
  • Data Conversion Planning
  • Data Conversion and Testing
  • Change Management
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Application Configuration
  • Test Plan Development
  • RF / Voice and Data Collections
  • Functional, Integration and User Acceptance Testing Leadership and Assistance
  • Volume Testing
  • Dry-Run Planning
  • Go-Live Planning and Execution
  • Go-Live Support
Automation and Controls Subsystem Integration

WMS and SAP EWM projects often require integration with certain material handling, bar code, RFID, voice data entry, industrial automation and shop-floor control systems. If you need to upgrade those that you do have or are in the process of integrating new technologies, contact New Course today to discuss how we can add value to the project.

Software Integration

Not all SAP projects require integration with external applications, but some do. For the ones that do, the software integration architecture must be well-thought out and designed to meet today and tomorrow’s business needs. New Course resources have a proven track record of designing flexible integration architectures that can be easily maintained. You can count on New Course to help you integrate SAP’s WM, EWM and TM with third party applications, whether packaged or legacy systems.

Post-Implementation Audits

At New Course, we don’t consider a project finished at go-live. Our methodology is designed to ensure that our clients maximize the potential of their new supply chain execution system. The ground work for the post-implementation audit is laid at the time of the project business case. Our goal during the audit is to compare to metrics established in the business case to ensure the project is delivering the results forecasted at the start.

We realize that most business environments are extremely dynamic and your operations need to keep pace with the changes. If appropriate, New Course will work with you to determine what operational processes need to be re-designed to ensure you are maximizing your supply chain investment.

"New Course understands how to build trust and is a valuable consulting partner. They are our first call for any supply chain related activity."
COO, North American electronics retailer